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Oxenford Pottery has been creating folk art pottery for nearly 30 years. From my youth well into my adulthood, I mined clay from along the creek beds and spring ditches located in the Pennsylvania woodlands.

Out in the forest, wildlife sightings are always a joy, but nothing holds a great lasting pleasure for this potter, than finding a large deposit of plastic modeling clay fit for the fire, and yes, it does happen!

Hand modeling clay

The Indians did it and so do I. That’s not to say I’m a purist, but some of my favorite terra cotta pieces, from early in my career, were hand-built, fired in an open wood-fire, with of course, local clay. These pieces with their history, pottery mark, and limited numbers, will increase in value over time, and will become a valuable collectible for the savvy collector.

Go Modern

I read some time ago, though an artist be unknown, though he be an outsider, a folk artist if you will, he will be credentialed as an artist, by the volume of work he leaves behind. So how does one leave a noticeable volume of work for the collector and conscientious public to follow?

We are living in a ceramic age! Check out the ceramic ovenware, and decorative ceramics. Ceramics are even used in the medical profession, and there are also ceramics for mechanics!

Modern technology has greatly enhanced the practice of today’s folk art potter.

Pottery supplies are readily available.

Potter books containing information on pottery techniques and pottery equipment are often just a click away. For me, I am Charlie Oxenford, the Redware Art Potter, by the way.

The computer age has revolutionized my approach to pottery

With the coming of the home computer and the advent of online auctions, namely eBay, my approach to creating pottery and marketing my ware, has change dramatically. It was like, hit the breaks, hit the gas, release the breaks, do a doughnut and then beeline zero to sixty....that’s automotive speaking of course. In other words, I have enjoyed the transition especially with the coming of the Social Networks.

I have hopes it will inspire you to make your own pottery too.

So please, go ahead and read around the site. It is my hope that the photos and the information offered will be a help and inspiration for your collecting or pottery creation endeavors.

You can learn more about me and how I got my start on the Pottery Mark About Us page. I hope you will also check out the History of Pottery, and learn the pottery identification marks, from the Native American pottery marks and Antique pottery marks, to our Contemporary potters of today.

I will be explaining many of the pottery making techniques that I use, and show you how to do them yourself. I will also help you find pottery supplies that you need.

If you can’t find anything about pottery on the site, I encourage you to contact me so I can help.

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