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Hartstone Pottery, is an American pottery company, based in Zanesville, Ohio.

They specialize in hand made and hand decorated stoneware made of the highest quality for use in the kitchen, tabletop, oven, and as gifts.

Their beautiful inventory includes pottery dinnerware, pottery coffee mugs, pottery mixing bowls and pottery baking stones all painstakingly hand thrown and decorated.

Hartsone was founded in 1976 in Chatham, New Jersey by Pat and Sharon Hart. The goal of the company was to produce beautiful, handcrafted quality items for the preparation, preservation and the presentation of food. The company’s first product was a stoneware cookie mold which allowed home cooks to create gorgeously shaped three dimensional cookies. The cookie molds were an huge success.

In 1983 Pat Hart decided to move the pottery manufacturing plant to Zanesville, Ohio because of the availability of a facility large enough to contain and expand the business and the town’s rich American pottery heritage. Soon after the move, they began producing hand decorated pottery dinnerware and gifts. As with the cookie molds before, the dinnerware and gifts were an instant success and now makes up a large percentage of the company’s sales.
Currently the Company is housed in a building which is as rich in the pottery making heritage of the community. The building, which once housed the famous JB Owens Pottery Company, is a beautiful post and beam building, fleeced in brick built in 1902. In the 1990s the Harts chose to retire and sold the company to Carlisle Home Products USA. Carlisle continued to operate the business for little more than 8 years before the plummeting economy forced them to stop production in late 2005 leaving company employees suddenly stranded without jobs.
Luckily a team of investors from Zanesville came to the rescue later that year and negotiated to purchase the company and all of its equipment. The new investors, named The Original Hartstone Pottery, Inc., then rehired former employees, restarted the manufacturing process, and reopened the factory store.
These days, Hartstone is a pottery with a heart, run by real artists and people who cared enough to keep tradition alive even in the face of financial adversary. The economic downturn claimed many companies and destroyed many lives but the people of Zanesville stepped up.

Hartstone is an American pottery company which is known for creating fully verified stoneware. Each piece made by the company is hand decorated, one of a kind items with a high level of collect-ability value.

One of today's very sought after patterns (as pictured above) is the Buffalo Check, which you can see more of here.

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